Constitution Day: What You May Not Know About The Founders

Since today is Constitution Day, it might be a good time to reflect on the idea of a Constitution and the key players involved at the time of the document’s writing. Many Americans simply like to assume that all was well “back in the day” and that each and every one of the Founders agreed on the big idea of freedom we say we still enjoy today.

A couple of the greatest Americans of the time saw some dangerous holes and simply had to say “nope, not on my watch” to what we call the highest law of the land.

Two remarkable men, Patrick Henry and George Mason, both opposed the Constitution on principle. They thought it created too strong a federal government and would create a monster down the road.

Mason even was involved in the writing of the Constitution, but when the discussions came to slavery and interested commence … he walked out. He said it wouldn’t work over time.

Patrick Henry believed the phrase “we the people” would allow the feds to pander to the American people directly with money, effectively bypassing states’ rights and representation … and ultimately leading to a democracy which he and most of the Founders hated from the depths of their God-fearing souls.

At the time, most thought a democracy was two wolves and a chicken voting on what to have for supper. It is. The Founders formed a republic. Let’s work to restore it.

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